A label is piece of material such as plastic, paper or metal that is fixed to the container of a product to relay important information to the user. There are many things that are written on labels from the products origin, the shelf life and the form of disposal. The method of production may also be attached on those products that are shipped internationally so that they meet their standards. These labels are especially important for products that are hazardous or flammable in nature. The labels may be temporary or permanent in nature and can be placed on things such as fire extinguishers to tell people how to use them and in general are a combination of information, warning and instructions for the product. There are also many products that use permanent labels as a means of product identification, for example the number plate on a vehicle must be resistant to tampering and other effects of heat and a food label should also last until the food has been used. This why many companies use stainless steel labels & tags as they are durable and resistant to the effects of heat. Removable labels on the other hand only need temporary bonding until they are removed by the user of the product, for example the label on a new microwave should easily come off after it has been installed.

Tags are an effective way for different companies to market themselves through their products. The tags may convey sizes and materials on different clothing products or may simply show the name of the company. They can be used as a decorative accessory on the product so that the customers know that this is a high-end product. The stainless-steel metal and tags can also be engraved instead of having the information stamped on them. This is done by a special process using machines such as modern laser engraving to carve out the message. It can be a slow process as each letter has to be carefully engraved and if you have given the order of a customized metal tag then you should be aware that it will take a certain amount of time. There are many advantages of using metal as the material for your labels and tags as it is able to withstand difficult conditions on land and even If they are transported over water. You have the options of different types of metals such as steel metals and tags and even stainless steel is an option. You can choose from different processes as well from chemical etching to engraving and stamping. You can also get them color printed in any color that you desire.