Pallets can play a vital role in different industries and especially supply chain industry is the great beneficiary of the pallets. Supply chain department is basically known as material handling department in which workers have to move the machinery or electronics from one place to another. Moreover, pallets can be made up of wood, metal and plastic it actually depends upon the requirement of the client. Pallets mostly works with the lifter and conveyers to move the finish goods from one place to another. For instance, ware houses of beverage companies are mostly use wooden pallet to move the pack of bottle or juices from one place to another. The core purpose of pallet is to move products from one place to another in protective manners. Protection is weighed as the core essence of the product. Most of the ware houses are using plastic and best custom pallets to ensure the safe handling of the products. Although wooden, pallets are cheaper than the plastic pallets but again pallet selection is depending upon the type of finish good. Plastic pallets can save the products from the germs and different harmful bacteria. Wooden pallets are best in almost every industry for moving finishing goods from one place to another.

Advantages of wooden pallets:

Wooden pallets are highly inexpensive then the plastic and metal pallets. Moreover, wooden pallets can be repaired so easily as wooden pallets are made up wooden boards then can be replaced if they get broken. Wooden pallets can be re sold easily because they can be used by small businesses as well. Material for making the wooden pallet can be collected from the recycled material that eventually reduces the cost of the wooden pallets. Wooden pallets can be crushed and used in different industry like paper and mulch. Wooden pallet can be made quickly and easily even a normal person can make a wooden pallet instantly. Wooden pallet last for a longer period as compare to plastic pallet and if it gets damaged it can be repaired so, easily.

Disadvantages of wooden pallets:

Wooden pallets are not perfect for the heavy weight machinery. Moreover, it cannot be cleaned so easily as compare to plastic and metal pallets. We always recommend people to keep wooden pallets save from water because once they get wet then they encourage the growth of the bacteria. It can be weakening by the water and eventually it would decrease the life span of a pallet. 


We always recommend people to choose wooden pallets over plastic and metal die to their durability and flexibility.