The cremation is a method that in general encompasses the phenomena of combustion, act of vaporization, element of oxidation, and these are supposed to convert the cadavers into the chemical compounds of fundamental kinds that comprise the gaseous content, chemical compounds as well as the ashes, thus ultimately what is retained is the dry bone. Cremation Geelong is comprehended to be either pre or post funeral and is construed to be the rite that serves as an alternative to the acts of burial or interment of the body that is considered to be intact indeed. The cremated remains do not pose any health hazard and could be buried or they may be interred within the memorial sites or the cemeteries or they could well be retained by the relatives of the deceased and then they could further dispose the cremains in manner which they deem fit to adopt or according to the last wish of the deceased. There are some families in some places who prefer to have the deceased present before cremation whereas there are others who wish the cremation to take place prior to the act of funeral.

The first cremation

There has been an ancient tradition comprising the activity of incineration in connection with the pyre of the category of open air, in the present world the cremation is performed within a furnace which is closed and this is done generally at a crematorium. In the modern era, lady Brooks has been the first European person to have been cremated in 1769 and then she was buried in an illegal fashion in London. Sir Henry Thompson supported cremation on the grounds that cremation would be avoiding the premature burial activity, result in the minimisation of the funeral expenditure. In addition, he remarked that the mourners would not have to remain exposed to the weather fluctuations during interment and that the urns would remain safe in connection with vandalism.


The process of ashing is performed within a cremator that is inside a crematorium and it further includes furnace, could be one or two. The temperature of the furnace could be expected well around 1000 degree centigrade so that the corpse is absolutely annihilated. It should be noted by you that the crematorium is generally a portion of a chapel, or it could be within a funerals Mornington Peninsula or further the crematorium may be in the form of an independent cell or a service that could be offered by a cemetery. The fuels for the cremation may comprise the natural gas, oil, the organic propane, the commonly found material of coal, or coke as well. Normally, the cremation process takes approximately one hour for a body having weight of 50 kilograms.